Prabal Gurung Reflects on His Career Start With Cynthia Rowley


We 're sure that by now, you've already set a million iPhone reminders for when theĀ Prabal Gurung for Target collection goes on sale, but did you know that the designer was inspired by his time in his mother's boutique as a young boy? How about that even though he's been sketching for as long as he can remember, he considers working with Cynthia Rowley as the beginning of his career?

“Cynthia Rowley was actually one of the judges of the Parsons/FIT competition, an it was then that she offered me an internship on her design team,” Gurung told Bullseye View. “That was really the beginning of my career in so many ways.”

He was able to launch his own line during New York Fashion Week in February 2009, many thought to be an ill-advised move, but the turnout was better than expected. And so were the women spotted in his clothing soon after: Oprah Winfrey, Zoe Saldana, January Jones, Jennifer Lawrence, First Lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.

The highly celebrated designer will bring his designs to the masses when his collection–shipping tonight–hits Target stores on Sunday.