Pretty in Pastel Jeans: From Desk to Drinks


As temperatures above the 50 degree mark slowly become more and more regular, we quickly digress from our warmest winter wear and begin obsessing over our newest summer purchases. And of all the trends, we're anxiously looking forward to mixing pastel jeans into our day-to-day looks. From baby blue to light pink to sweet mint, the Glam editors are set on clearing out an entire drawer for brand new jeans. In the interest of making the most of our newest obsession, we're going to dress 'em up and dress 'em down every which way we can, from the desk to drinks. See how we're set to style the look with the Mossimo Skinny Colored Denim, available for $27.99 at Target.


  1. Prabal Gurung for Target Pointy Toe Flats, available for $29.99
  2. Labworks Long-Sleeved Jacket, available for $44.99
  3. Mossimo Peplum Top, available for $22.99
  4. Braided Cluster Necklace, available for $24.99


  1. Mossimo Viveca Blingy Heels, available for $23.08
  2. Xhileration Sleeveless High Low Pleated Back Top, available for $19.99
  3. Xhileration Crossbody, available for $24.99
  4. Swag necklace, available for $16.99