Pumping Up the Volume with Denise Richards

Denise Richards has added her girl-next-door glamor to the big and small screen since the ‘90s, but the renaissance woman is stepping into the beauty world by collaborating with celebrity stylist Cristophe. The Denise Richards Volume Extend by Cristophe hair care line leaves locks lifted, light, and moisturized with a touchably soft feel. Glam got to sit down with the star and find out what sparked the line, her signature summer style, how she keeps her hair healthy on and off the set.

Could you tell us how you got involved with Cristophe and the Volume Extend line?
I’ve wanted to do a line for a long time, and I’ve been approached to endorse other products, [but I] didn’t want to put my name on something that I didn’t want to use. I’ve tried every product out there, so I wanted to develop something that was different than anything out on the market. I teamed up with Chrisophe because I’ve known him for a long time. He’s a well-known, very accomplished hairstylist; he also had his own products, and we are a good partnership. I didn’t know how to even start developing a line, and so we started to do it together and I said ,“I want to do something very different, and something that’s not available.” I didn’t want any of the harsh chemicals in it – none of the sulfates, none of the parabens. The sulfates will strip your color and dry your hair out and make it look dull, and it’s not good for you. But I’ve tried products where you do take that stuff out and my hair doesn’t feel clean, and it just doesn’t style well; it just feels very flat. And that was something that was challenging: taking all the chemicals out while still having great results. We went through 18 formulas, and I’ve tried every single one and gave notes on everything that I liked and didn’t like about it.

What are some of the highlights of the line?
It’s called Aquaflex, and it’s trademarked for our shampoo only and it lifts your roots while you’re washing it. The shampoo itself leaves your hair very full and shiny. I naturally have thick hair, but with work and curling and irons and coloring back and forth, it’s been damaged. And I wanted my hair to go back to what I was born with. Everyone’s into anti-aging for your skin, but this is something for your hair. The actual conditioner’s very light. My daughters use it, and I would in the past have to use a detangler, but with this one, I don’t. You get a nice comb through it, and it’s not heavy. The volumizing spray doesn’t have any alcohol in it, so it’s safe to use everyday. I don’t wash my hair every day so in between I use the volumizer and freshen up my hairstyle. And the volumizer has an ingredient that’s exclusive to my line that’s called Voluminous, which actually penetrates [the hair shaft] and swallows it to actually make each strand thicker. So even if you put the volumizing cream, like when I put it in my hair when I put it in a ponytail, it actually feels thicker. Friends who have said, “I’ve already got thick, curly hair, I don’t need– ,” I said, “Just try it, I want to see what you think.” They actually liked it because even if you have thick, curly hair, most women want shine and no frizz, which this helps. It’s a fresh, clean scent that I think is very appealing to men and women. And I feel safe using it on my daughters, even my baby, I’ve used the shampoo. And as a mom, that was incredibly important for me to have products with safe ingredients and no harsh chemicals.

So which product out of your line is your favorite?
The shampoo. I love the shampoo! My hair feels nourished and conditioned shampooing it. A lot of times when I would use shampoo, my hair feels dried out, but using the shampoo, it doesn’t feel dried out. It feels really good and conditioned. But I will say Cristophe’s favorite product is the Volumizer [spray]. So his is the Volumizer and mine’s the shampoo.

Your hair is styled all the time when you’re on set, how do you keep it healthy when you’re off the set?

That’s what’s hard because they have to constantly do my hair and touch up for set all day, and you’re under hot lights. That’s why I wanted to develop something during times where my hair does get a lot of wear and tear to bring it back to being strong and healthy. But there’s nothing you can do – you keep it conditioned, and that kind of thing. But the sun and the environment [are] damaging to our hair.

Do you have your own personal glam-squad for events or do you do your hair yourself?

Oh, if it’s an event that people will actually see me at, I prefer having people do my hair. I’ve tried—I don’t do it very well. It’s so much hair for me to get the curling iron—I can usually do the front, but that stops there.

Do you have a signature hairstyle during the summer?
Well, I usually put my hair on top of my head or ponytail; it gets so hot! I swim a lot with the kids so I’ll usually let it air dry and just put it on top – my hair’s naturally wavy, and I’ll put it in a ponytail or on top of my head and then by the end of the day it’s usually almost dry, I like to take it out and I like to have a nice, natural beachy wave to it.

Available at Cristophe.com for $14.99 – $35.99