Puppy Love: Why You Should Choose to Adopt

I love dogs… more than most people. My toy poodle and English bulldog are sources of endless amusement and joy. They give me unconditional love and make me laugh at least once everyday.

Reese, my toy poodle, playing hide and seek.

Pets are hard work and a big responsibility, but once you let one into your heart, he or she will be your best friend for life. But how you find your perfect furry mate is also important. And ensuring that you’re not supporting a puppy mill is essential. That’s why I’m an advocate for adoption.

Despite popular belief, not all pets needing homes are mixed breeds. In fact, as many as 25 percent of the 8 million dogs and cats in the care of animal welfare agencies are recognizable breeds. All kinds of pets end up homeless for a variety of reasons — frequently due to “people issues” rather than problems with the pets themselves. As a result, local animal shelters and breed-specific rescue groups are great options for people interested in adding a specific breed of pet to their family.

Most pets available through adoption come spayed or neutered, vaccinated, licensed and often microchipped for a very affordable adoption fee. You can find a listing of local adoption agencies by using your zip code to search on www.peoplesavingpets.org.