Rachel Roy Defends Her Brand & Files Lawsuit


Rachel Roy won’t take “no” for an answer when it comes to her line, which Jones Apparel Group recently agreed to sell to Bluestar Alliance for $14.6 million. She claims the agreement was made without her consent, and the designer is now filing a lawsuit claiming breach of a contractual agreement in connection with the sale of her business, which allegedly was done “free and clear” of her approval, according to Women’s Wear Daily. The lawsuit was filed on April 11th in a New York state court in Manhattan.

In 2008, Roy entered into a relationship with Jones to develop and sell products under the Rachel Roy brand. The agreements included: the transfer of intellectual property assets, an asset purchase agreement, a licensing agreement and an employment agreement establishing Roy as artistic director. The recent lawsuit accuses Jones of having no intention of actually partnering with Roy and is now unfairly trying to take full control over Roy’s brand. It even goes so far to allege that Jones was incentivized by Sycamore (which has recently acquired Jones) to purge the Rachel Roy brand. Ultimately, as WWD reports, “Roy is seeking a declaration from the court that Jones had no authority to sell the Rachel Roy brand without her ‘explicit approval.’” While she seeks a rescission (essentially an undoing) of the agreements she made with Jones in 2008 in addition to damages in the form of lost profits and lost opportunities, her Rachel Rachel Roy brand will continue to be produced and sold exclusively at Macy’s.