Rag & Bone Does Fall On Film


It’s no secret that Rag & Bone tends to do things differently. From serving beer and doughnuts during a recent fashion show (should doughnuts even be welcome at fashion shows?…hmm, yes.) to opting for a “multimedia” experience for a campaign, the brand is nothing short of unconventional. And that’s why we love it so much.

For Fall 2014, duo Marcus Wainwright and David Neville have worked with other artists and directors to create three films. The first is a documentary by Vern Moen that takes viewers behind the scenes of a Rag & Bone fashion show; the second is a conceptual film by Colin Rich, which juxtaposes the intensity of New York City with a runway show; the third film is a dance piece choreographed and performed by Kyle Abraham and a female dancer and directed by Wendy Morgan.

With three points of view of fashion, Rag & Bone enters into unchartered territory. Not only does this project give the clothes a larger significance than just being things we like to wear, but it also offers the industry as a whole some depth and many more dimensions than we’re used to seeing. According to Wainwright, “For FW14, we wanted to explore our womenswear show and collection from different focuses and perspectives. Emerging imagery is a big part of our DNA and to venture further into the medium of film and see these three different points of view was pretty cool.” Watch the videos to see if you agree.