Remembering Diana: 4 Things the Princess Was Known For


Sixteen years after her death, Diana, Princess of Wales, continues to be remembered for her inspiring public endeavors as well as her unique personal life. In anticipation of the upcoming film starring Naomi Watts chronicling Diana’s fascinating life, we’ve highlighted some of the things she was most fondly known for.

Iconic Dressing
The statuesque blond-haired beauty was unafraid to turn heads by dressing in fitted designs, contemporary cuts, and statement-making colors. Though never overtly sexy, the princess made an effort to bring modernity and individuality to the classic garb worn by British aristocrats.

Charitable Causes
Diana worked hard to increase worldwide awareness of a multitude of problems, lending her hand and her heart to the disadvantaged, the sick, and the poor. Most notable among her charitable endeavors was her role in the National AIDS Trust. The princess was one of the first public figures to lead the effort to cure HIV/AIDS, even before it was a global phenomenon. She also proved passionate about supporting and treating those with leprosy, helping Britain’s homeless youth, and comforting her compatriots suffering from terminal disease (she was a patron to both the Royal Marsden Hospital and the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children).

Relatable Persona
What was most interesting about Diana’s marriage into nobility was her relaxed attitude toward the rules of royalty. Though she was born into an aristocratic family, she was generally viewed as an anti-monarchical figure by the public—always charismatic and kind in her interaction with them. Hence her nickname the “People’s Princess.”

A Loving Mother
Diana gave birth to two sons, William in 1982 and Harry in 1984, relishing her role as a mother. “I live for my sons,” she was quoted saying before her death. “I would be lost without them.”