Revamp Your Beauty Routine: 3 Time-Savers


Time-Saver: Try blow-drying your hair from the bottom instead of starting at your roots.
Why It Works: By blow-drying underneath, the hidden, dampest sections will get taken care of and then you can work your way up. By beginning in the opposite direction, you’ll instead pull water from the wet under-layers back to the top ones every time you brush your hair. Plus, this method will give you extra volume.

Time-Saver: Use a spray-and-go moisturizer, not a rub-in lotion.
Why It Works: The inconvenient amount of time it takes to apply your body cream and rub it in fully? Say goodbye to that. Instead, try one of the wonders from the Vaseline Riches Spray and Go line. Choose between Total Moisture, Aloe Fresh, and Cocoa Radiant and apply your daily lotion quickly for long-term, deep, and nongreasy moisture.

Time-Saver: Apply face makeup with a sponge rather than your fingers.
Why It Works: While it’s tempting to use your fingers to rub in foundation, much of the makeup gets soaked into your skin, leading to multiple attempts at coverage and smeared results. The eco-friendly Beautyblender sponge is a great alternative. It’s mistake-proof in that it allows for flawless, even coverage that’s quick and easy. Plus, it doesn’t absorb your makeup, so no second or third applications necessary.