Robert Lee Morris Reports from the 2013 CFDA Awards!


For this year's CFDA Awards, Robert Lee Morris put on his reporting hat as a guest editor for Glam! Read on as the jewelry designer takes you inside fashion's Oscars with his distinct writing style and make sure to check out his personal snaps from the evening, including a shot of Jessica Chastain!

Gabrielle Fialkoff wanted me to go out and get fresh air so off we went to the CFDA gala, walking down the red carpet, she looking like a Princess of Monoco's oldest family, I am in an all black tux wearing a strand of my latest. A magnificent bubble of light suddenly grew and in the middle of it walked a staggering Jessica Chastain armed with a sculptured helmet of red hair, swept back and held regally aloft as I imagined Queen Antoinette or Cleopatra.

Then swimming towards me, above all the heads came smiling and laughing, Mary Alice Stephenson. We met for the first time in person. It was like one of the many small explosions of glee and joy that were occurring all around me, like shooting stars. Everywhere you looked or mooched, or stared at from across the room, it was a smarmy marvelous orgy of bodies all famous, all fabulous, and just loving one another. It reminded me of Auntie Mame and her “school of fish” child raising ideas.

Highlights of the CFDA party were constant and never-ending. It seemed as if every degree of turn you could make with your body, opened an entire new vista of waves of slow moving oceans of celebrities, and people who have all tried to give their all in our industry. The volunteers, the celebs, the PR team every year, maintaining a standard of annual celebration and managing to outdo each year somehow.

How did they do this this year? The Stage was great looking with a new proportion of grandeur that made the background mathematically beautiful to look upon. Gorgeous moldings and stage set artisanship to convey quality of workmanship.

My instant feeling was being grounded and situated, placed into a supremely exciting space in which one genius short film after another other was presented, before each time the winners were announced. This became the crowd's favorite part.

The speeches seemed all the same with hundreds of names to remember to be thanked in a panic stricken tone. No one, neither a presenter nor a winner had any kind of memorable speeches, it was all a little disappointingly shallow. The fun of these shows is to hear the well thought out thank speeches that are too rarely heard. When a winner has the opportunity to speak to the entire world, why not think of something mind shattering or opening or soothing, something memorable. Steve Fabrikant came up to me as he always does so sweetly at these gala's, he and I used to live in Rio De Janeiro and went to high school together. He pulled me aside to tell me about my 2007 speech for the Lifetime Achievement Award, he said he is still moved by it today and thinks of it often. I was really touched by that.

That opened my consciousness a bit wider. Looking at these STAR people, the 7' TALL Karlie Kloss, ahhhhhh not from EARTH. She must be Pleiadian, only they are that tall and beautiful.

When Gabrielle and I were leaving, we ran right into Nadja Swarovski and Donna Karan in a sassy pony-tale and bare shoulders. I didn't know who to hug first, so I did Nadja for all she does for us, and then to my soul mate DK, a big slap on skin hug and kiss, kiss hug. God we are bonded somewhere down deep that woman and me.

During the rough and tumble evening, squeezing ever so slowly through dense crowds of all the fabulous people, it was exciting to have people grab at my new golden chain which I wore under my tux and let it just sit diagonally to break up the all black formal attire. It was lovingly picked up by many a hand.

This crowd seems to feel it is all blood related family and it seems we really are.