Roberto Cavalli Has Miley Cyrus (Semi-) Covered For Her Bangerz World Tour


On the heels of news that Marc Jacobs, The Blonds and Jeremy Scott will be designing costumes for Miley Cyrus’ BANGERZ World Tour starting in February, comes a little extra Friday treat. That’s right, a sparkly, revealing, leopard-printed surprise in the form of sketches by Roberto Cavalli for Miley’s show looks.

The designs (scantily) clothe a model with crazy-long legs and a cute pixie cut (even though we reported recently that Miley is sporting more of a bowl-cut these days), that perfectly capture Miley’s du-jour aesthetic. Cavalli’s sketches feature a Britney Spears “Toxic”-style sheer jumpsuit with splashes of sparkle only where it’s very necessary to cover up. The rest of the looks will highlight Miley’s legs and abs—two of the many body parts she’s been fond of flaunting lately.

And if the leopard-and-python-printed hot shorts with matching jackets don’t give you enough information about the wildness that is sure to ensue at Bangerz, the sheer-paneled full-body zebra jumpsuit surely should. Throw a few bra-tops in there for good measure, and Cavalli has got Miley covered—or, at least, as covered as she’ll have herself for the next couple of months or so.