Rock Out In Style With Urbanears New Marc Jacobs Headphones



True Marc Jacobs fans love that you can rock his style from head to toe. From headgear to footwear, even popular perfume (hello, Daisy!), you can fill your closets and cupboards with all things MJ. And now you can add to your collection and listen to your favorite tunes in signature Marc Jacobs style. Urbanears, the distinctive and colorful European (verify) headphones company, has partnered with the bold designer to create Urbanears Marc, an exclusive collaboration with Marc by Marc Jacobs.

These are headphones made for slouching in style through a gritty urban landscape. Headphones made for glamorous airport travel. Statement headphones in three styles, in colors “inspired by various tones of nature and representative of the elements that come together to give music its raw beauty.” OK then. What does that mean? You can get earbuds or on-ear headphones that are two-toned. The “Berries” headphones speak for themselves, very on-trend for fall. “Ocean” is a bold cobalt blue paired with turquoise. “Oil” is the coolest, IMO – evocative of an oil slick on asphalt, they’re rainbow hued paired with black. Super fly. Humlan headphones are $60 and the Kransen plus earbuds are $45, available at

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