Save Your Legs from Shaving this Summer with Veet

New York is in the midst of one of the longest heat waves in recorded history, and everyone’s showing more skin to keep their cool. Shaving in a hot shower easily loses its appeal in this weather, but Veet’s fast acting Hair Removal Gel Creams go above and beyond to give you smoother, sexier legs for up to twice as long as shaving. The revamped formula feeds moisture back into skin and works close to the root of the hair to keep stubble from showing up. The gel creams come in Essential Oils and Sensitive formulas and can remove unwanted hair from almost anywhere. The process is simple—slather or spray it on before you shower, wait three minutes, rinse it off, and you’re done! Thanks to these new gel creams, we’ll be stashing away our razor for the rest of the season.

Available at major retailers nationwide for $6.50 – $10.99.