Say Goodbye to Foundation Frustration


In terms of beauty, being a person of color can be complicated, especially when finding the right shade of complexion products. Many brands don’t have a wide spectrum of shades to begin with, but those that do yield formulas that are too light, too dark, too yellow, too brown, etc.

CoverGirl is making an effort to erase all of the drama that comes with finding the right foundation with a revamped TruBlend collection. The brand is introducing seven new shades, easily organized in new packaging, that make it easy to find your perfect match on the shelf. Its water-based formula allows the pigments to blend easily into your skin for lightweight, forgiving coverage. It also provides flexibility to blend with the slight changes in tone that occur throughout the year, or work with your skin even if you snap up the wrong shade. Plus, there are corresponding concealers, loose and pressed powders, bronzers, and blushes for a more complete look.

Here’s to nailing that naturally fresh face in time for spring!