See You Later, Chelsea Lately!


This is the end.

Chelsea Handler bid adieu to E! Tuesday night after helming an eponymous talk show there for the past seven years. Her star-studded send-off included cameos from Ellen DeGeneres, ex-beau 50 Cent (that relationship still doesn’t make sense), Chelsea Lately talking head Loni LoveGwen StefaniGerard ButlerSandra Bullock, and Miley Cyrus—a list that doesn’t even account for half of the Tuesday night airing’s VIPs.

“I want to say thank you to every single person who showed up for me today, and every single person who showed up for me in the past seven years,” Handler said before her final scene. “Everybody who works on this show, the crew, the sound people who have to deal with my bad moods and my good moods, and the bad people I’ve dated, and the good people I’ve dated, I am really, really appreciative that I’ve been given this opportunity by E!”

As far as Handler’s late night romps, never fear—Netflix is here!

We reported in June that Handler and her unapologetic quips would head to the award-winning streaming service, first with a stand-up special, and then, as host of Netflix’s first talk show. It’s a move that Handler says is “something outside the box to keep myself interested.” And us, too!

Take a look at Handler’s final night on E!, then stay tuned for her Netflix comedy hour this October, before her talk show airs in early 2016.