Set Sail for Summer in Nautical Necessities


In our day dreams, we're living life as if we were Beyonce or one of Leonardo DiCaprio's model girlfriends, enjoying regular access to yachts and tropical vacations whenever and wherever we please. However, regardless of the inevitable snap back to reality, there's no reason we can't emulate the gilded summer life they experience, thanks to a few well placed accessories and outfits. With a nod to the nautical, our summer attire is set. Even though our weekend schedule may not include an afternoon sail with rosé in hand, this outfit ensures that our day dreams gently meld into reality.

1. Mossimo Fedora, $12.99

2. Xhileration Anchor Top, $19.99

3. Merona Halter Top, $22.99

4. Merona Belt, $14.99

5. Merona Lari Boat Shoe, $16.99

6. Mossimo Shorts, $19.99

7. Essie polish, $8.49