Sheets That Will Provide the Best Sleep of Your Life


After an incredible night's sleep at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Rich Fulop went on a mission to secure the same sheets for his apartment in New York. Deterred by the price tag associated with that specific set — a whopping $800, he set out to find a comparable sheet, coming up empty handed.

Inspired by the idea of offering high quality sheets at an affordable price with a simple aesthetic, he returned from vacation with more than just memories – he came home with a business idea —Brooklinen. In the coming months, Fulop became a master in all things related to sheets – from thread count to materials to factories in order to launch the company. When it comes to quality, Brooklinen sources long cotton fibers for the Egyptian cotton that comprises the sheets and when it comes to affordability, he works directly with factories during their off times, in order to cut out a portion of the hefty price that generally is associated with quality sheets. While some other companies claim exorbitant thread counts, Fulop is quick to explain that 400 thread count (the thread count of Brooklinen's sheets) is actually the highest count possible.

Beginning on April 21st, Fulop is launching a Kickstarter in order to get his business off the ground and his sheets into your home. Likened to Warby Parker, Brooklinen will ship samples of the fabric for free to the customer, offering gender neutral designs such as hotel whites and pinstripes. He's achieved an undeniably low price point for such high quality — $100 for a set of sheets which includes two pillow cases, a top sheet and fitted sheet. In the future, Fulop plans to expand to six different rotating patterns, which will easily mix and match.