Shop Century 21, the Eric Daman Way


If you've never gone shopping at Century 21, then we have to things to say to you. A – What are you waiting for? And B -Now's the time to get your shopping shoes down to the Financial District or up to Lincoln Center to score some major designer deals.

The department store just underwent a major makeover: expanding aisles, expanding with three new floors, adding a Coffee Bea & Tea leaf, and naming costume designer Eric Daman as the official spokesperson! For the relaunch of the “Ali Baba’s tavern of designer discounts” as he describes it, we chatted with Daman about his types for finding shopping the store, his first Century 21 purchase, and the one designer piece both he and Blake Lively wore.

Do you remember the first thing you bought at Century 21?

“It was in the early 90s; I was modeling. I was in New York, I had a casting for Jean Paul Gaultier a week later and I really wanted to wear something Gaultier to my Gaultier casting. [My agency was] like ,'Oh you should go check out Century 21, they’re definitely going to have something. They always have designer stuff at amazing discounts.' I didn’t know what it was. I came to Century 21 and I found this amazing Jean Paul Gaultier Hawaiian shirt that I wore to my casting and two weeks later, I was walking his runway and I owe it all to Century 21.”

Is that the best purchase you ever made at Century 21?

“I also found this amazing white linen [Gaultier] tailcoat that I used on Gossip Girl on Serena.It's kind of one of those defining moments like, Oh, Serena’s on the list. I have a boho-mix-it-up-girl where she can wear a white tailcoat with denim shorts. For me, it kind of solidified who she was. Then I actually stole it from her closet to wear to Blake’s 21st birthday party, which was a Gatsby themed party at the Palace Hotel. It had a full evolution.”

Century 21 can be a little overwhelming when you come shopping here, what are you three tips to find good deals?

  1. Come in with an idea of color.
  2. Know your floors. Know what’s on that floor.
  3. Come with a plan. Don’t come to browse unless you’re a professional browser, it can get very overwhelming.

What’s your dream for your partnership with Century 21?

“I hope to be able help them educate the consumer. I feel like there are so many people who are afraid to shop here. They’re petrified of walking in. [I'm going to be] able to give them tips, do capsule collections on the website and also giving style tips you can follow through the website and find in the store. [I'll be giving] insider tips and guidance on how to shop here at Century 21.”