Show Your Strength: 5 Steps to Stronger Hair


Hair that’s longer, stronger, healthier, shinier: Vow to make it happen this spring. Here are the five key commandments to turning your lovely-locks dream into a reality in time for summer.

1. Lay off the heat …
Blow-drying, flatironing, or curling on a day-to-day basis will leave hair looking dry, dull, and damaged. Take time away from these tools to let your hair cool off from the unnatural amount of heat.

2. … and the daily washing too.
Keep in mind that washing hair too frequently strips it of natural oils, leaving it brittle and lacking luster. Invest in some dry shampoo and try using a shower cap a few days a week.

3. Use a repairing shampoo.
Reclaim healthy-looking hair with a shampoo and conditioner pairing that reverses the effects of daily wear and protects against future injury. The new TRESemmé Platinum Strength Collection is gentle enough to use every time you wash, with products that reinforce hair’s natural protective layer and turn back the clock on years of damage.

4. Easy on the brushing.
Careful when you’re tugging those tangles; yanking hair will lead to hair breakage, which is not what you want when trying to maintain strong locks. Try sorting through knots with a comb instead, and use brushes and accessories that are gentle on your scalp and hair.

5. You are what you eat (and drink).
The effects of a healthy (or unhealthy) diet will show on your mane. For strong hair on the outside, it’s important your body is strong on the inside too, meaning it needs an ample iron, protein, vitamin C, and hydration.