Shu Uemura Amps Up the Anime for the Holidays


With Shu Uemura's makeup embarking on a triumphant return to U.S. shores, the beauty brand is ensuring the holidays will be quite animated thanks to Takashi Murakami.

The controversial Japanese artist will help to curate a color collection of makeup palettes, eyeliners, and lip colors based on the Japanese anime, Six Heart Princesses. Plus the line-up will include extras including a heart-and-flower festooned eyelash curler and jeweled false eyelashes, all of which will hit shelves in November.

“I have collaborated with fashion brands [such as Louis Vuitton] in the past and I have experience extracting the culture of Japanese animation and fusing them into new products,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. “Of my different works, Six Heart Princess is the one that fits best with this collaboration because it is the most animation-oriented project of my many projects. I also wanted to explore the desire of transformation by looking back to the history of princess animation.”

As Murakami mentioned his previous work with Louis Vuitton, fashion has had a fascination with animation lately as Gucci worked with manga artist Hirohiko Araki and brands like Forever 21 and Kiehl’s have embraced Marvel comics with open arms. Here’s to getting a little geeky during the best time of the year!