Skincare 101: Soft Skin Solutions for Fall

Thanks to the shift in seasons, the inevitable drop in temperature and increase in wind speed and dry heat can take a toll on our skin. Regardless of type, now is the time to calm your complexion against tightness, redness, and flaking. Below is an easy guide to increase your skin’s hydration against the elements.

Hydrate Often – While heat exhaustion and other related illness are enough to keep us chugging water throughout the summer, the extra hydration shouldn’t stop there. With dry heat in our homes and high wind speeds, we can lose almost as much water as we would in warmer temperatures. While 8 glasses a day might be too much for some, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your skin, as well as the rest of you, refreshed.

Keep a Humidifier Handy – A humidifier can works wonders on more than just congestion. It can replenish the moisture in a room that can otherwise get zapped by your heating system. Keeping it a low setting can make the water supply in it last longer and keep your skin at regulated moisture level.

Exfoliate – Should you start seeing dry patches sprout up, it’d be best to slough them away quickly. You should switch to a scrub with a creamy base three to four times a week to gently smooth your skin and maintain moisture that could be stripped away by harsher cleansers. The deep clean will allow your pores to breathe better and take in more moisture.

More Moisturizer – While a light, fast-absorbing lotion works best in the summer months, a richer, more emollient moisturizer will keep your face supple in the chillier temperatures. Night moisturizers aren’t just for battling signs of aging; slather on a thicker moisturizer before bed to wake up with softer skin in the morning!

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen – A daily dose of SPF doesn’t stop after the beach closes for the season. Aside from abating skin cancer, sunscreens can help prevent further skin damage caused by sunlight reflected on snow and on overcast days.