Snack Like a Champ: Olympic Popcorn Torches

CHEER ON TEAM USA with one of these festive snacks perfect for your next Olympic viewing party. From swimming to shot put, root for our home team with this simple and quick refreshment to hold you over until commercial break. Quick tip: Score big with guests by offering a sweet and savory spin on this winning treat!


Arrange your fully-popped popcorn (any flavor), cake cones, and ribbon on a table with space for assembly.


Show off that team loyalty with a patriotic ribbon. Cut the ribbon into small strips (approx. 3 inches) to fit around the base of the cake cones.


Light your torches by filling the cake cones with popcorn. Be careful not to tip any cones over – the torches are delicate and fall easily.


For the finishing touch, adhere the cut ribbon to each cone (with tape or edible glue) and enjoy!

Recipe adapted from A Small Snippet