Sponsored Post: Healthy-Looking Hair Starts With Great Color

After years of being a beauty editor, one of the most important things I’ve learned throughout my career is this: Be it blonde or brunette, red or raven, the key to healthy-looking hair is having a brilliant color.

Since I was born with dusty brown curls (ick!), I turn to Clairol Natural Instincts #37 Rich Black to help me maintain a coal-color mane with brilliant sheen. Application takes a mere 10 minutes, and I simply refresh my beloved ebony hair hue every 6 weeks or so, as the results of this demi-permanent are quite long-lasting. Plus, my newly onyx strands are left looking and feeling soft and silky, thanks to its gentle ammonia-free, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich formulation.

For those of you who prefer permanent color, I suggest you try Clairol’s newest offering: Natural Instincts Vibrant. Available in 12 shades—from Extra Light Blonde to Black—application still takes just 10 minutes, but results last up to 8 weeks. Not only does it cover 100% of grays, you can take your hue as dark as you’d like, or you can go lighter—up to three shades.

Bonus! Both collections come with Clairol’s new Week 2 Color Refresher. “It is an easy way to bring back shine and revitalize your hair color,” says Marie Robinson, Clairol Expert Color Consultant. Think of it as insurance for your color—this little sachet is specially formulated to replenish key tones that color loses over time.

If you're looking to refresh your daily routine, visit the Clairol Facebook page and check out the Natural Instincts 30 Day Daily Refreshment Calendar! Each day a new nutrition, lifestyle or beauty tip goes live that you should try to incorporate into your day! These tips came from online influencers such as myself, Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson and consumers! Be sure to keep an eye out for my next tips that will go live on July 23—I’ll be sure to tweet you a reminder to check them out!