Star Scoop: ABC Finds its Funny, Drake Gets Emoji-nal, Urban Outfitters Is Saving the Vinyl Biz


The Alphabet is stacked with successful dramatic series, but it’s failed to find a companion for its comedic mainstay Modern Family… until now. Last night’s debut of Black-ish starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross got off to a great start, and retained enough eyes from Modern Family to total 10.8 million viewers for ABC. [The Hollywood Reporter]

No new friends… but a new tattoo trend? We guess that counts. Drake, known to the Internets as Champagne Papi, got an emoji branded on his forearm, and wrote—then deleted—this caption under its social media reveal. “It will be a debate until the end of time… high five or praying hands… life is what you make of it haaa.” No room for YOLO? [Huffington Post]

Urban Outfitters: saving the music industry one vinyl at a time. Ok, not really, but kudos to the (often controversial) retailer for becoming “the world’s number one vinyl seller” according to company exec Calvin Hollinger. It’s a trend Hollinger hopes to continue when vinyls become available for sale at sister company Anthropologie. [Buzzfeed]

That bad-mouthing teddy has more A-list friends than we thought. Mark Wahlberg’s bear bestie Ted will be joined by Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman in a rated-R sequel. The latter will play “an iconic civil rights lawyer who comes into the picture when Ted needs to resolve some legal issues,” according to Variety. Trouble, trouble! [Vulture]

Could this be a reason to cancel our overpriced [insert cable company here] subscription?! AT&T is offering a $39 package that includes HBO Go, HBO, and Amazon Prime. AT&T joins other Internet TV providers, like Sony and Viacom, looking to help customers cut the cord… All we need is Girls and Boardwalk Empire, because Scandalcan be streamed online. Sign us up! [A.V. Club]