Star Scoop: Britney Spears is Blue, Bill Hader On Life After SNL, Uma Thurman Tapped for Anita Bryant Bio


Britney Spears keeps giving us more! While the collaborator is priming for a Las Vegas residency (we can see the glittered body suits now!), her new song for Smurfs 2 has leaked. “Ooh La La” is Spears’ first solo single since 2011's “Criminal,” and it packs as much pop perfection into four minutes and 16 seconds as possible. [Vulture]

We still haven't come to terms with Bill Hader's SNL departure; but what we really want to know is what he's going to do next. “Sleep. Spending time with my family. A new set of concerns,” he succinctly put it in an interview with GQ. “Heading back to LA. I met my wife in California and lived out there before this. We have good friends out there.” [ABC News]

Anita Bryant's fall from grace will be revisited in a movie by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman who have cast Uma Thurman in the title role. Anita will follow the singer as her past as an anti-gay campaigner comes to light and jeopardizes her career in entertainment. Epstein and Friedman, who are responsible for Lovelace starring Amanda Seyfried, are currently shopping the biopic at Cannes. [Variety]

Congrats may be in order for American Idol's season 12 winner Candice Glover, but the show itself suffered a huge loss. Viewership for the two-hour season finale was down 44 percent from last year; with 14.3 million fans tuning, it was the firstfinale in Idol history to not reach 20 million or more. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Variety is The Voice's middle name. The NBC singing competition is bringing back Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, and Usher over the next two seasons. Green and Aguilera will be returning to their red, rotating chairs alongside Adam Levine and Blake Shelton this fall, while Shakira and Usher will make their way back to the program next spring. [Entertainment Weekly]

While most of us were glued to our television sets during last night's Scandalfinale, Emmy voters and their guests were given a live rendition of the shocking closer. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences hosted a live table read of the season 2 episode where Kerry Washington and her castmates performed dialogue straight from the script. “‘It’s such a great opportunity, because we all enjoy working together so much, we’re like a theater company,’’ Washington told Boston magazine about the theater-style showcase. [Boston]

Kanye West can take a little comedy after all. The rapper will be returning to the Saturday Night Live stage tomorrow, and although he won't be doing any skit, he did give us a chuckle in this promo clip with Ben Affleck and Fred Armisen. Kinda. [MTV]