Star Scoop: Chris Pratt (Almost) Missed Out, Matthew McConaughey the EGOT, Kanye Doesn’t Do Drones


Chris Prattalmost missed out on the movie of 2014. The Guardians of the Galaxy star told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to skip out on the audition because of body insecurities and his past rejections from Avatar and Star Trek. We’re glad he stuck around. Take that James Cameron. [Indiewire]

Whoopi Goldberg, we’re going to let you finish, but Matthew McConaughey could be the greatest EGOT of all time. So says NicPizzolatto. The True Detective creator thinks McConaughey has the chops to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony in his lifetime—joining the exclusive ranks of Audrey Hepburn, Rita Moreno, and Mel Brooks—and is encouraging him to pursue said status.[The Hollywood Reporter]

There’s more from Kanye West’s anti-paparazzi manifesto. An excerpt from his deposition against pap Daniel Ramos says he legitimately fears a flying drone hitting baby—or worse, electrocuting—North West while she’s taking swimming lessons. Can’t blame him for that. And yes, Nori probably swims better than you at this point. [TMZ]

Netflix to HBO Go: get like me. Turns out the Home Box Office wants to do just that. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes says the latter has the potential to face off against the streaming giant and offer customers premium cable options that Netflix can’t. “We’re trying to be best-in-class to have a platform that could not only deliver HBO networks but also Turner network and frankly other networks … Doesn’t have to just be ones that we own.” [Vulture]

Seinfeld creatorLarry David is going to write and star in a Broadway play about… Larry David. His debut will be entitled Fish in the Dark, “a comedy about a clan dealing with a death in the family.” [Variety]