Star Scoop: Interstellar’s Space Jam, Guardians of the Box Office, NSYNC’s New Album?


We won’t be seeing theBatman v.Superman trailer that Comic-Con fans were treated to over the weekend, but this sneak peek makes up for it. The new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has arrived, and with it, plenty of tear-jerking moments from Matthew McConaugheyAnne Hathaway, and Jessica Chastain—though plot details remain few. Visit the film’s official site and enter access code 7201969 (the date Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin stepped foot on the moon) to see the flick’s softer side. [Interstellar Movie]

Just when you thought it would be a relatively quiet summer at the box office, Guardians of the Galaxy is here to shake things up. The Marvel project, which director James Gunn says is more “space opera” than “superhero,” will open in more than 4,000 theaters on August 1 and is projected to make $65 million over the weekend. It’s already set a record for becoming “the top August pre-seller in Fandango history,” good news for the future of the franchise. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Sorry Hilary Duff. You’re comeback has got nothing on this. N’SYNC dropped a new album today!!! Ok—it’s not a new album, rather a compilation of best hits and a few hidden gems. And the boy band’s members didn’t know a thing about it. But it’s N’SYNC, throwback cover art, and all. [Vulture]

Can we have Jon Feltheimer’s job? You may not know the name, but you do know that of the company he runs: Lionsgate. Now, we know his salary, too. The studio revealed that Feltheimer made $63.6 million in the 2014 fiscal year (including stock options), almost five-times what he made in 2013. Imagine, the s h o e s. [Variety]

It’s never too late to capitalize off of a big win, especially if you’re Warner Bros., and said win is your $7.7 billion Harry Potter franchise. The studio rounded up a new squad, known as the Harry Potter Global Franchise Development team, that will oversee a spinoff film series, Universal Studios theme park attractions, and a new Harry Potter-based play. We wonder what Daniel Radcliffe has to say about that. [Businessweek]

Because you need something to get over Hump Day, Justin Bieber v. Orlando Bloom. Round one. [Billboard]