Star Scoop: Kanye Keeps Up with Kris, Judging JLo, Girls Snaps Season Three Promo


In news we kinda-sorta saw coming, Kanye West takes on KrisNorth West's dad sat down with (future mother-in-law?) Kris Jenner yesterday for an hour-long interview that will air on her talk show this Friday. It will be the first time the media-shunning musician has appeared in a televised interview since 2010's sit-down with Matt Lauer. [Rolling Stone]

It's (almost) official: Jennifer Lopez is returning to American Idol. The “Live It Up” lady is in final negotiations to rejoin the panel after the departure of feuding judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. Lopez, who reportedly agreed to the gig due to a more-flexible production schedule, will join returning judge Keith Urban. The table's other seats, once rumored for and Jennifer Hudson, have yet to be filled. [Entertainment Weekly]

We're still recovering from Jemima's hasty marriage, Marnie's unexpected hookup, and Hannah's Q-Tip incident (yeah, that one), but it's time to get ready for Girls season three. Luckily, Lena Dunham and the gang have released an Instagram-inspired trailer that's easier to digest than season two's most-WTF moments. [Vulture]

Rachel McAdams is James Franco's new leading lady. The rom-com favorite has joined the cast of Wim WendersEvery Thing Will Be Fine, alongside Charlotte Gainsbourg and Robert Naylor. The drama stars Franco as a novelist who tries to distance himself from the death of a young boy he caused years earlier. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hitman Mike Ehrmantraut is getting out of the game. When Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks bids adieu to the brooding character on the imminent series finale, he'll star as a college professor on NBC's Community for 11 episodes. [Entertainment Weekly]