Star Scoop: Scandal Comes Up Short, The Sound Of Music is Loud, Thor Reaches a Milestone


Say it ain't so! Scandal's current season will end sooner than expected. The ABC drama will air just 18 episodes, instead of the originally planned 22, due to Olivia Pope'sKerry Washington's pregnancy. Which kills our dream of a twisted Fitz-Olivia-Jake baby plot line. [Huffington Post]

Speaking of plot lines, show creator Shonda Rhimes says she already knows how the series will end… hopefully, that happens 10-plus seasons from now. [Vulture]

All the Gladiators in the world couldn't handle Carrie Underwood last night though. The country crooner's live Sound of Music broadcast on NBC trumped all other prime time competition, gaining 18.47 million viewers according to Nielsen, despite getting harsh critical reviews. [L.A. Times]

Thor: The Dark World is pulling massive numbers of its own. The Disney-Marvel epic reached $600 million at the global box office, making it the third Disney film to do so in 2013 (after Iron Man 3 and Monster's University). [The Hollywood Reporter]

With an Entourage movie in the works, the show's creator Doug Ellin is still vested in TV. He signed a production deal with CBS Television Studios to develop cable and broadcast programs for the network over the next three years. [Variety]