Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Quits Fashion Week


When Fashion Week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center, Anna Wintourknew that a very talented, dedicated individual had to be brought in to manage the transition. Given her position at Vogue as Director of Special Events where she planned the annual Met Gala, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, was an obvious choice.

In the years since Lincoln Center became Fashion Week's new home, Wolkoff easily became the face of the event, quietly managing the massive production with her consulting agency, SWW Creative.

However, with the news that William Morris Endeavors and IMG plan to merge, it seems that not everyone is content with the melding of families. Despite IMG executives requesting that she continue on, rumor has it, Wolkoff is stepping away from her position and contract as IMG's Fashion Consultant.

Now the real question is, who will Wintour pick to replace her?