Style Setters: Content Creators and Images Makers, Craig Arend

Chances are, if you follow the model industry, you've seen one of Craig Arend's gorgeous photographs. As the talent, creator, and driving force behind Altamira, Craig travels the world to capture moments with models – from street style to off the cuff, impromptu photo shoot, effectively helping to turn both well known models and newbies into recognizable faces across the Internet.

What is your favorite place to upload photos between shows and parties?

Starbucks or from my iPhone directly!

How many photos do you take at a party versus the amount you actually publish?

I publish about 20% of the pictures I take at a party. The composition has to be just right for a candid party picture and the lighting has to be right if it's posed shot, with specific attention to not blowing out the person with the flash.

What's the best photo you've ever taken?

A jump shot of Sasha Pivovarova at Paris Fashion Week! She jumped and had a whole handful of about 8 ballooons, it was amazing!

How can fashionistas capture your attention and look their best on camera?

By not trying to capture my attention. The more real and natural the person is, the more authentic their energy, the better the chance their energetic aura will capture my attention and cause me to want to take their picture.