Summer Beauty Essentials with Hawaiian Tropic’s New Face


Whether it was for a car or a bag of beauty swag, we’ve all entered sweepstakes online and in-person for the chance to nab something amazing–we just never expect to win. But Danielle Erb held out hope when she entered to become the new face of Hawaiian Tropic and came out on top. Glam got to chat with the volleyball player-turned-spokesperson to get the inside scoop on shooting a campaign, her summer beauty picks, and best beaches to hit this season:

What sparked your interest in the contest?
It was just one of those crazy thoughts I had of “Why not?” I have always been fond of the Hawaiian Tropic brand and thought the products were amazing. The biggest reason that I followed through with entering was that I was really inspired by its rebranding. I was nervous at first that it was the bikini contest again, but after reading all the rules–yes, I read the rules–I realized that the brand was focusing on the true essence of a woman rather than just her outward appearance, and I wanted to be a part of that.

What was your first reaction when you found out you won? And whom did you call first?
Well, I was shaking the entire day and couldn't focus on anything. I saw the number on my phone and was like “Oh my goodness! Here we go.” As soon as I heard I was the winner, I am pretty sure I blacked out for a second and had the biggest smile ever on my face. I’m smiling right now just reminiscing about it.

First, I called my mom. She is one of my best friends, and I talk to her almost every single day. She has always told me to follow my dreams. When I told her, she started to cry which, of course, made me cry. It was definitely a surreal moment in my life, and I will never forget it.

What was it like to shoot the campaign?
Um, amazing! I was on cloud nine the entire time. Everyone was absolutely incredible. The photographer, Kyle Alexander, was probably one of the coolest dudes I have ever met and his wife, Lizzie, was my stylist. She was just as amazing. Everything was seamless, and the Hawaiian Tropic team was so wonderful. People were so sweet; they kept asking me, “Danielle, do you need a break? Are you ok?” and I said, “Guys, I am in Miami, on a paddleboard, living out a dream. I am doing just fine.”

Did you pick up a few beauty tricks on set?
I learned that the Hawaiian Tropic Face SPF 30 Sunscreen works great as a primer before putting on your powder or foundation. Not only does it protect, but it also leaves your skin feeling light and moisturized. It’s absolutely perfect! I don’t like to wear a lot of face makeup because it feels too heavy for me, so I use the sunscreen first and then powder. It gives me a flawless complexion, which I love!

What are some of your summer beauty essentials?
Coconut oil. This is a huge beauty essential for me. I use it as my hair conditioner and as a body moisturizer when I am in the shower. Your hair and skin can get so dry in the summer time; it’s a great way to keep you super soft. Also, I always have Silk Hydration Face SPF 30 Sunscreen in my purse, especially when I’m going to outdoor events like festivals and concerts. I’m that girl that’s always like, “Who needs sunscreen?” Lastly, I would say waterproof mascara. I am not a fan of wearing a lot of makeup when I go to the beach or pool, but I have really light eyelashes, so the mascara gives me just a little something-something.

What's the best location for a summer vacation?
For me it’s the beach. It can be any beach: Hawaii, Miami, Greece, anywhere. As long as you have music playing, surround yourself with good people, the sun is out, and can smell the salty air, that’s the best vacation ever in my eyes.