Summer Slick—7 Awesome Body Oils for Your Skin



Summer means the air is sometimes so hot you can see it rippling in waves from the street. The air is muggy and thick. You’re guaranteed to sweat the second you go outside. It’s the ideal time to lighten your beauty regimen with products that aren’t going to feel heavy and clingy on your skin. For me that means saying bye bye to heavy body butters and lotions, and saying hello to sensual body oils. What’s so great about a body oil in the summer? A good body oil will absorb right into your wet skin après-shower, and some of them smell so good that you won’t even need to wear perfume. You’ll just smell like a little patch of heaven all day. Here are seven of our faves:

    1. Georgia NY Luxury Skin Oil: Made by the fabulous New York based entrepreneur Jodie Patterson, Georgia NY is intended to be a high-end luxury skincare brand. This oil blends avocado, grapeseed and jojoba with decadent, grown-folks scents like gardenia and amber. The product may cost a pretty penny, but it’s priceless to smell this divine.
    2. BelleButters Dous Te Body Oil: Created by indie brand BelleButters out of St. Louis, this oil is light yet penetrating and so perfect for wet or dry skin. The blend is comprised of fruit and nut oils like jojoba, shea, moringa and wheatgerm oil, all infused with rhubarb, lemon peel, chamomile flowers and rosemary. Dous Te means sweet tea in Swahili, and it refreshes your skin like that on a summer day.
    3. Shea Moisture Bath, Body and Massage Oil: For an affordable, yet high quality multi use oil, give this a try. Shea Moisture makes many amazing products, and their bath, body and massage oil definitely ranks among them. Light and penetrating, this blend is lanolin, paraben, petroleum, mineral oil and SLS free, and it comes in varieties including Argan Oil and Raw Shea, Olive and Green Tea and my favorite, the Lavender and Wild Orchid version.
    4. Fresh Sugar Body Oil: If you love highly scented bath and body products, then Fresh is probably already on your radar. The formulation includes primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, and “exotic citrus oils.” The Fresh Sugar body oil is decadent and fabulous, and it feels and smells like luxury.
    5. Mama Mio: The Mama Mio brand is primarily marketed towards moms, but aren’t we all dealing with stretch marks and dry skin? These Omega-3 rich products are highly effective for women of all skin types, and the blend of wheatgerm, borage and rosehip oil gives skin the internal nourishment it needs to face the elements.
    6. There Body Oil: Available exclusively at World Market, this brand is all about fragrance and sensuality. The jasmine blend is strongly fragranced enough to double as a perfume that’ll have you surreptitiously sniffing yourself all day.
    7. Bonus mention—Johnson's Baby Oil: If any one oil can be credited as a gateway to a body oil addiction, it’s this timeless classic. Johnson’s baby oil remains a classic multi-use oil and now it comes infused with shea and cocoa butter, or aloe vera and vitamin E, and it’s made in oil or oil gel formulations for those who prefer a thicker product to slick on this summer.

    Contributing Editor, Patrice Grell Yursik is the creator of, one of the first blogs to celebrate the beauty of natural hair and ladies of all skin tones and sizes. Affectionately called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging, Patrice takes her readers inside unique beauty, fashion and cultural experiences.