Sweet and Ready-to-Eat Hanukkah Treats


Though by now you’re a pro at dreidel and you’ve had your fill of latkes and chocolategelt, there’s more Hanukkah fun to be had – in the form of sweets, of course. Whether you’re heading off to another Hanukkah party or just want to have a special celebration at home, these gourmet treats will satisfy your sweet tooth, sans recipes and baking.

Milk Chocolate Dreidel, $3.50

Star of David Art Candy, $2.50

Hanukkah Bite Box Cookies, $18

Hanukkah Mini Tote Gift, $36

Sees Hanukkah Peanut Brittle, $17.85

Debauve & Gallais Almond Dragees, $23

Mrs. Fields Hanukkah Snowflake Combo Box, $29.99

Crumbs Hanukkah Signature Collection, $27