Tamara Mellon Might Be Designing Shoes Again


The Tweets are true, and if we’re to believe what we’re reading, Jimmy Choo founder, Tamara Mellon could be designing shoes again.

When Mellon left Jimmy Choo in 2011, right after the brand’s 15th anniversary, speculation began regarding the possibility that she would start her own lifestyle brand. While that remains to be seen, she is in the very least working on something. The Telegraph reported that her non-compete agreement with Jimmy Choo ended in February, which could explain Mellon’s cryptic tweets.

According to Fashionista, she Tweeted a picture the picture of herself on the right with the caption: “Me and Francesco, the most amazing last shoe maker. Back in the factories!”

Furthering speculation, she Tweeted another picture of herself getting her foot measure with the caption: “Measuring my foot. The last time I did this was 15 years ago!”


We’ll keep our eye to the tweets and update you as more info becomes available. Be sure to check back for the latest!