The Anna Wintour Costume Institute …Yes, Really


Anna Wintour'sinfluence just expanded.

As one of the most philanthropic supporters of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she's raised over $125 million for the Costume Institute, Wintour changed the face of the fundraisers. Surely you've heard of the Met Ball? It's star studded guest list is all thanks to Wintour.

Now, the editrix turned Artistic Director will have a new building named after her. When the Costume Institute opens on May 8th with the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit, it's new title will be the Anna Wintour Costume Center.

With the new name comes a $40 million renovation and new 4,200 square foot gallery.

As if the Met Gala wasn't already the ticket to score, this year it's set to be a legendary party.