The Best Interview Ever? Mila Kunis Earns Major Cool Points



While promoting her latest role as Theodora in Oz The Great and Powerful,Mila Kunis came across one very nervous reporter. Instead of clamming up and keeping the interview on track, Kunis took it upon herself to help him get comfortable. What resulted was a very frank chat about “pints,” championship football, and heading out to the pub. Despite the fact that she's suffering from a noticeable cold, Kunis keeps the conversation light and enjoyable, begging the reporter to just keep discussing fun topics, even offering up all the soundbites (sans prompts) he'll need about the movie so they can keep chatting.

In the end, Kunis fields an invite from the reporter to the wedding, extremely gratefully, we might add! We dare you not to have even the smallest inkling of a girl crush on the beauty after watching this!