The Breakup Recovery Kit

Breaking up is hard to do. At least, that's how the song goes. But what about the recovery? This Gloria Gaynor song-inspired kit is the perfect remedy for anyone woman who has ever been dumped.

No. There are no painkillers or alcohol in this kit. (We wish.) Instead, this tin box is chock-full of funny trinkets that would make anyone feel better after an “unbearable heartache.”

So grab some chocolate, tune up some Adele music (or Alanis Morsette!) and curl up with this heartbreak remedy. It may not make everything better in a snap, but it'll sure make you laugh.

The kit includes everything a woman would need after a breakup: compliments and comfort in the form of 5 Affirmation cards; a remedy booklet; 5 “healing” bandages to physically describe the inner pain; a charm in the shape of a heart; a declarative bracelet- because everyone needs to know why you're not your usual bubbly and happy self; and finally when you're ready, a recovery certificate announcing your achievement in getting over the jerk who missed out on an awesome opportunity.

Gloria Gaynor set the bar for best breakup anthems- now we have a physical interpretation of it. And it could not be more clever or cute.