The Complete Phillip Lim for Target Collection


Today we had the pleasure of previewing the much-anticipated Phillip Lim for Target collection. Sure, we’re obsessed with the bags and packable basics, but the highlight of the event was getting to chat with the designer himself. Lim is lovely. And much like us, he is currently in need of a good vacation by the sea. “The beach is always inspiring me,” he said. Though the ocean is calling, most of his jaunts are for professional purposes. “This summer has been crazy with work, I’ve been everywhere.”

Globetrotting aside, Lim also makes time for some Target shopping. “I buy socks for some reason, sweats, and just simple stationary.” he said. “I think that we’re always looking for fancy things and sometimes the best things are the most basic.”

Click here to check out the complete Phillip Lim for Target collection.