The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Introduce Their New Prince to the World


Proud parents, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have introduced their new baby boy to the world. Dressed in matching and apropos blue ensembles, the new mommy and daddy carried their bundle of joy out to greet the throngs of reporters who had been camped outside St. Mary’s Hospital for weeks. “He’s got her looks, thankfully,” said William as he held his son.

Catherine, who was wearing a blue polka dot Jenny Packham dress channeled her husband’s late mother on this important occasion; Princess Diana wore polka dots when Prince William was born. Perhaps the couple will name the baby Spencer in her honor.

What else do we know about the royal baby? “He’s got a good pair of lungs, that’s for sure,” said William. Crying aside, he also seems to have a good head of hair. “He’s got more than me, thank god,” noted the smiling Duke. And it seems he is already a hands on dad. “He’s done the first nappy already,” offered a beaming Kate.

Most impressively, Will drove his wife and child home from the hospital himself.