The Extra Benefits of Beer

St. Patrick’s Day is all about dressing in green, seeing the parade and drinking beer. Before you head down to the pub, you can put an old can of lager to good use on your hair.

Apparently flat beer contains malt and hops that can repair your tresses and boost volume while the sugars can make your strands shine by closing up hair cuticles. It also rinses away build up and residue easily.

Here’s how to pull it off:
– Open a can of beer an hour before you hop in the shower and allow it to go flat.
– After shampooing, pour the beer onto your hair, making sure it saturates from root to tip
– Rub the beer into your scalp and leave on for two minutes
– Rinse out the beer completely with cool water and condition your hair normally

Don’t be surprised if the men at the bar start sniffing your immaculate mane; it’s just that irresistible!

xx, Valis Vicenty
Twitter: OnGlamBeauty
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