The First Ladies: Michelle and Maria at #TWC2010

When Maria Shriver's introduced a radiant Michelle Obama up to the stage at the Women's Conference this morning, the crowd erupted into applause. The First Lady of the United States spoke to the eager audience about the importance of supporting military families. She told stories about the wives and mother's she has met throughout her travels, and moved the audience with her compelling words…

“I knew I wasn't alone. Every single woman I know is struggling to keep it together. I believe that the voices of working women need to be at the heart of a comprehensive agenda to move this country forward.”

“When things get really bad we show up with a bottle of wine… This is what women do. We, as women, know how to reach out. We know how to support each other, and the question is: 'What can we – as women – do to support our military spouses? How can we – as a nation – give back to these families who have given so much?”