The Flavor Over Fizz Challenge: My Crystal Light on the Go

Okay. So, full disclosure: I don't usually drink my Crystal Light out of a bedazzled mason jar. But wouldn't it be so cute if I did? … I just thought I'd dress up my drink for the sake of this post. Isn't it pretty?

Here, I'm engaging in my favorite summer activity while sipping my favorite summer beverage. Yep, I'm lounging in the pool and drinking Crystal Light fruit punch. (I recently made the switch from diet soda and I couldn't be happier.) I'd trade the bubbles and fizz for the tart taste of this low-cal beverage any day. And it's so refreshing! Sometimes I add some fresh fruit for an extra sweet surprise. Other times, I'll just pour a single serve packet in a water bottle and head out the door. It keeps me hydrated whether I'm beach-bound, picnicking in the park, or hitting the gym. How cool is that?

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