The Giver Receives a Polish Collection


The Giver was one of the first YA dystopian novels to define the genre, but as it makes its way to the big screen, the tome is following in others' footsteps with its own beauty collection!

The Weinstein Company partnered with China Glaze to produce a range of nail shades drawn directly from the film. The shades will hit shelves at Ulta and Sally Beauty August 1, just two weeks before the movie is released, for $7.50 each.

For those who don’t remember reading the book for English class, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) lives a community devoid of colors and follows strict social order, but once he becomes the receiver of memories, his world opens up to feelings, colors, and, even music! As for the shades themselves, vibrant hues of aqua (Capacity to See Beyond) and grape (Givers Theme) were paired with muted neutrals of milk chocolate (Community) and navy (History of the World) to mimic the dichotomy of the world that Jonas sees.

After getting an early peek at the summer sci-fi flick and these fresh shades, you can bet we’ll be back in the theater to see it again rocking these cool colors!