The Glam Globetrotter: Channeling Cleopatra in London


When it comes to truly feeling like a character, there’s no better way than to emulate their habits. As part of my trip to understand the relationship of Elizabeth Taylor, Cleopatra, and Bulgari, I had the chance to fully internalize Cleopatra by indulging in her beauty routines.

Day two of our trip began with a spa appointment, but this was no regular facial and massage. In anticipation of our arrival, the Bulgari Hotel’s spa in London created a custom treatment combination, especially designed to mirror the queen’s regular beauty regimen. Following one of the best night’s sleep in my life on Bulgari’s bed, I traveled downstairs to the lowest level of the hotel for a morning of indulgence. While the spa boasts a full pool, treatment rooms, and endless options, I was there for a special regime: body brushing, a clay mud body mask, and scalp massage–Cleopatra’s version of heaven.

My masseuse began with a full body brushing, attentively focusing on each part of the skin. Slowly and methodically, she applied a clay mask, then she covered me in a blanket to keep in the warmth and nutrients. While I basked in the mud, she transferred her attention to my scalp, working in oils while massaging my head. After what felt like only twenty minutes, but in reality was closer to an hour and a half, I returned to earth, found my footing, and was welcomed back to the Bulgari hotel in a blissful, Cleopatra approved daze.

No time to rest though, we’re off to Rome! Don't miss out on Part 1 of The Glam Globetrotter's European Jaunt … and stay tuned for Part 3!