The Juicy Scoop On Your Skin–Gluten Free is Fabulous


There is no such thing as too much information–especially when it comes to insight that will help you take charge of your beauty routine. Knowing the products on the market and understanding the ingredients in those products is a responsible part of creating a personalized skincare and makeup regimen that works for you.

Unsettled with the knowledge at hand, having done their research on petroleum, pesticides, sulfate, artificial dyes, and other concerning materials, the folks at Juice Beauty took control of beauty's potential future. Creating an authentically organic line of skin care products and most recently, makeup ranging from pure mineral powers to fruit derived colored shadows, Juice Beauty claims to “feeds your skin.” Curious about what that means? We were too, especially being that the bright lime bottles appeared in our latest Ann Taylor partnered Birchbox. Glam spoke to Rachel Roberts, the Director of Digital at the beauty brand, for the all natural scoop.

On the importance of their organic formulas
“It's free of controversial ingredients. And instead of starting with a water base, it's organic fruit juice. So you're starting with something rich in antioxidants, polyphenols–things that are healthy for the skin and the body. The skin absorbs almost 70% of what you're putting on it so it's important to put only good things on it.”

On considering gluten free beauty
“More and more people are becoming gluten free and don't want it anywhere near them. Gluten is an ingredient found in wheat and some say the body cannot absorb it well. They argue nobody is programmed to assimilate gluten in the quantities it's found in in American diets.There's gluten free breads and such, but we're taking it a step further and doing gluten free makeup, because the body absorbs such a high percentage of what we put on our skin. So at the end of the day it all goes to the same place and we're assimilating that. If gluten is a red flag for a customer, we offer a solution.”

On the product you don't want to skip
“The Green Apple Peel Full Strength from the Age-Defying Collection is an award winning product that really put us on the map. It's an alpha-hydroxy and beta-hydroxy peel. The base is organic juice. That mixed with the alpha and beta hydroxy acids gives the skin a really beautiful and gentle exfoliation. You're not going to see the redness, peeling, drying that you see with other peels. We have it in a sensitive and blemish clearing formula so all different people can use it. Green apple is all about brightening the skin and lightening the skin, in associated with hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.”