The Minerva Awards: Oprah Closes the Women’s Conference

The Minerva Awards celebrate incredible warrior-like women who have made an impact on the world around them. The sensational ceremony closes the Women's Conference each year, and leaves the audience feeling empowered, inspired, and enlightened. In her last year at hosting the conference, Maria Shriver handed the awards to five phenomenal women, and told the audience that the hardest part of passing on the torch to someone else will be giving up the Minerva Awards because “these women move me.”

Oprah was the final award recipient and made an outstanding speech that brought the audience to its feet. Here are a few highlights…

I share this Minerva with my dear friend Maria for embodying and creating and manifesting in her own life the truest meaning of Minerva… We, all of us, in here all of us speak your name – we speak your name ‘Maria Shriver.' We speak your name ‘Maria Shriver.' And we thank you for all of this. We thank you for bringing us all together for bringing us all to this family of women in one space to enlighten us and encourage us to keep on striving, to keep on standing, to keep on climbing, to keep on working, to keep on questioning, to keep on searching, to keep on supporting one another, to keep on fighting, to keep on hoping, to keep on laughing, to keep on dreaming, to keep on giving, to keep on being the best of who we are, and to keep on sharing the best that we have and the best that we have to offer each other, and to keep passing it on.

It has been a profound and beautiful thing watching what happens when the women gather – when the women get together with a purpose to lift ourselves and each other up. We all leave this place feeling more connected to ourselves and also to the whole of each other. That's what love is. Maria created a loving space for women to come together and share our stories so that we leave believing that we can do better and be better.

It is not enough to be powerful. You've got to know how to use your power to become more of who you are because that is really your primary job in life. The primary job in all of our lives is to fulfill the highest expression of our true selves as human beings here on the planet earth. How do you achieve the highest expression of life as yourself as a human being? That is the question I lay before God every single morning.

Just like Glenda the good witch told Dorothy, you've always had it my dear. You've always had the power.

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