The Promise of a Chemical-Free Face Puts Us in the Mood to Go NUDE


As Nude Skincare founder (and Blue Bottle Coffee Chairman, for all you bean feens out there) Bryan Meehan so wisely put it to Glam, if you can't understand the ingredients on the label, it may be smart to be wary and do some further research. This goes not only for what we put in our bodies, but what we put on it as well.

With years of experience in the organic food industry, Meehan understood that inner and outer health relies on nutrients that the body needs and recognizes. Nude Skincare adapted this idea with their launch in 2007, promoting a healthy complexion through organic elements that boost the face's natural beauty and workings. While chemical heavy products may provide the quick fix women think they need, long term, they actually cause more damage to skin than good. So say so long to scary sulfates, parabens, synthetic materials, and GMOs, and dare to go Nude this season for the sake of your skin.

The go-to ingredient for a Nude programmed healthy skin diet is their increasingly popular vegan and gluten-free ProGenius Treatment Oil, which brings to light the natural radiance of young and healthy skin with a unique blend of 10 precious oils. Rich in omega 3,6,7 and 9, the intensive formula absorbs instantly, delivering deep and long lasting skin nourishment. Compare it with other face oils: ProGenius is visibly more dense, not watered down as many other oils sometimes are. Its nutrient packed make-up is good for all day treatment for both dry and blemish-prone skin. Press (don't rub!) it onto your face at night for an instant moisture boost, and mix it in with your foundation during the day to keep skin hydrated from morning to night.

Get the ProGenius Treatment Oil, as well as other Nude Skincare products, at Sephora here.