The Savvy Vacationer: 5 Helpful Travel Web Sites

When it comes to online travel sites, too many options and too much information is likely to leave you feeling overwhelmed. Don't get let confusion get the best of you. Visit these five easy-to-use and efficient travel web sites. They'll make your travel experience extraordinary from start to finish.

Tripbase: The Internet’s first “destination discovery engine,” Tripbase matches you with the perfect place, based on your personal travel preferences. Tell Tripbase what you like in a vacation – nightlife, dining, shopping, nature or attractions – and choose the dates you want to travel, your budget, preferred continents, etc. and Tripbase brings will provide a list of destinations that matches your unique criteria. Tripbase then directs to you third-party sites like Travelocity, and others where you can easily book your trip.

Tripology: Tripology is an interactive travel referral service that connects travelers with experts and specialists in a specific area/geography/topic. Once you know where you want to go, Tripology links you with agents who can handle your specific needs.

Centr’d: You’ve committed to your destination, and now it’s time to find places to eat and activities to do! Check out Centr’d, which helps you choose places to eat and activities on your specific interests. Choose your destination (currently in 24 US cities), your style (kid-friendly, romantic, etc.) and your category (restaurants, attractions, etc.). Results pop up with a map so you can figure out where to go.

Fodor’s: When it comes to knowing all about a certain destination, turn to the helpful guides at Fodor’s. Fodor’s guides live in the destinations they write about, so you’ll experience life like a local.

Where’s Cool: Want to find the restaurants, bars and other attractions that are seriously cool, but won’t break the bank? Where’s Cool? is an online community where members share “independent, cheap, underground. and seriously authentic” things to do in cities like London, Brooklyn, Chicago and more.

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