The Sickest Sneakers – Fresh New Kicks for Summer!


We wear them to work out. We wear them to go for a walk. We wear them when we want to look casually chic or definitely down. Sneakers are the ultimate summer shoe, and there’s a pair for every style right now. From classic Americana to glitzed up and glammed out, check out our sneaker picks for those of you seeking a sick pair of kicks this season.

1 & 2. Keds: Keds might be the ultimate summer shoe, conjuring up images of strolls along the boardwalk and shoes grabbed and slipped on in a hurry as you run out to play. The new summer collection is super cute, with Keds designed by Kate Spade and Taylor Swift in the collection.

3. Converse: Does it get more classic than Converse? Now you don’t have to settle for a plain pair of Chuck Taylors, you can up the ante with leather, suede, studs, and all manner of low tops, high tops in every pattern you can imagine. And if you imagine something even cooler than what’s on sale, you can custom design your own pair.

4. Chanel: There are luxury sneakers, and then there’s Chanel. Their coated toile and calfskin high tops are bold, edgy, cool and super chic.

5. Reebok: Reebok was a coveted brand when I was 11, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve had them on my radar. The new Skyscapes definitely brought Reebok back to my attention. Sleek, colorful, stylish, light and machine washable, these may be my new summer kicks.

6. Michael Kors: When you’re thinking of cool new sneakers, Michael Kors may not be a name that immediately comes to mind. But if you’re looking for a dope pair of glamorous high tops, complete with stud and zipper embellishments, look no further than MK. His collection is on sale at Macy’s and the prices are competitive, for those who like a rock n roll, urban chic look to their footwear selections.

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