The Top 5 Celebrity Scoops of 2013


With all of the lights, camera, and action, the world of celebrity seldom fails to amuse. This year was no different: we welcomed royal babies on both sides of the pond, continued our love affair with America (and Dior's) sweetheart, and, no matter how hard we tried, couldn't escape a Disney alum's declaration of independence… twerking and all. Without further ado, here are five of the year's biggest celebrity scoops, that we'll still be buzzing about well into 2014.

Beyoncé's Home in Time for Christmas

We weren't exaggerating when we—and Bing—declared Beyoncé the biggest star of 2013. From her Presidential performance and Super Bowl showstopper, to her best-selling Vogue cover and fiery Met Gala moment, she ruled it all. Then, on Friday, December 13th, the unthinkable happened. Miss 3rd Ward stunned us all by dropping the visual feast that is BEYONCÉ, complete with 14 songs and 17 music videos, sans promotion. The heavily-guarded project topped the Billboard charts, broke an iTunes record, snatched the wigs off of other hopeful divas, and personified #newrules à la Shawn Carter.

Miley Cyrus Can't Stop


Attention, ladies and gents. Twerking isn't all that new. It was first introduced in the 1990s by DJ Jubilee, a purveyor of New Orleans’ distinct “bounce” sound. It later made its way to the Billboard charts thanks to the Ying Yang Twins, who whistled to number 17 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. Yoncé and Justin Timberlake sung of its majesty in the 2000s, too. Still, it took a rebellious, tongue-wagging Disney alum to shake her tailfeather and start a riot. As provocative as she's been in 2013, Miley Cyrus was more than the leader of twerk gate. She made headlines for her polarizing sense of style, covered fashion glossies galore, shattered Vevo records, and wrecked the charts with another number one album.

Baby Boom: North West and the Royal Baby are Born!

All eyes went west in December 2012 when Kanye West interrupted his own Atlantic City concert to dote on his “baby mama” Kim Kardashian. Six months later, the couple welcomed the fashion world's favorite designer baby, North, whose Rolodex rivals our own—we, after all, don't have Jeff Koons and Riccardo Tisci on speed dial. Plus, who else could make you forget about Ye's rants? Across the pond, the world waited for the most popular baby of the year, Prince George, to arrive. While the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and hubby Prince William announced their pregnancy (like KimYe) in December 2012, it wasn't until July that the next in line to the throne touched down, giving us real reason to #bowdown.

Go #Gladiators!

Shonda Rhimes may be responsible for the emotional rollercoaster that Scandal fans experience week after week, but its the show's leading lady Kerry Washington, who gave us plenty of 2013 feels. Without making us privy to the intimate details of her personal life—we're still waiting on baby deets KW!—Washington captivated us with her fashion takeoverSaturday Night Live gig, and award-worthy performance as the chic Olivia Pope, for which she's earned nominations at the 2014 Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards. Which, we predict, could be coming home with her in January. Fingers crossed… and white hats on!

Can't Get Enough: Jennifer Lawrence


Sure, Jennifer Lawrence may have won her first Academy Awardwaaaay at the beginning of the year (as the second-youngest winner in the category, to boot), but she's managed to keep us talking about it, and her, ever since. From her flawless Dior campaigns and first Vogue cover, to her pixie moment and reprisal of Katniss Everdeen, JLaw stayed on our lips for more than us wanting her as a BFF.